without the flames receding

she lay the blame on the wind for my scruffles and my scruples
while she runs her fingers through my hair
i watch the light pouring into her pores
revealing the raw power of the sun
she asks me how it burns on so
without the flames receding
and i remind her how the seas
they ebb on and they flow, wave
after wave, tide after tide, night after
day, and fullest moon after fullest moon
precisely in their dance, balancing each their illusions of spacetime


One thought on “without the flames receding

  1. and with a breath
    he flares
    like solar winds to kick up
    and spread the dust of heaven
    from our faces to our feet
    kissing every place
    that meets the eyes
    until she comes again
    silvered in her orbit
    waxing full until she wanes
    until he risesup again

    so long as we are sums
    of each of all our parts
    whole in our intention
    we find sure direction
    and peace in our hearts
    whatever ever comes


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